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Jim Rickards – The Coming Big Freeze

“In 1998, he helped save the financial system from the collapse of LTCM… In 2006, he warned Washington officials of the coming $12.6 trillion mortgage meltdown… Now CIA financial-threat analyst Jim Rickards warns of a looming $326 trillion crisis poised to freeze the world financial system indefinitely… in just 48 hours…” – Source

Trump? Alarm Bells in Beijing

Yes, war with China could break out in the South China Sea… HISTORY shows that many wars begin not by design but by accident, writes Jim Rickards in The Daily Reckoning. World War One is the classic case study. No one really wanted a world war. And 16 million people died as a result. The…

Trump About to Declare Currency War!

Six years ago in my first book, Currency Wars, I wrote, “There is nothing today that suggests the currency wars will end anytime soon.” Today, those words seem as true as ever. A currency war is a battle, but it’s primarily economic. It’s about economic policy. The basic idea is that countries want to cheapen…