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We Will Have a New World Monetary System By 2020

When we read about George Washington, we learn about leadership and heroism. When we look at the history of Lincoln, the abolishment of slavery and the civil war come to mind. And when you study monetary history, one glaring fact sticks out: fiat currencies don’t last! A fiat currency is one that has no backing…

Mike Maloney: The Top 10 Reasons I Buy Gold and Silver

When the average investor thinks about gold, they may view it as an inflation hedge. Or maybe as crisis insurance. Or perhaps solely as a portfolio diversifier.  These are all good reasons to own gold—but those are always good reasons to buy precious metals. Mike Maloney’s reasons to own gold and silver at this point…

Mike Maloney: The Death of Money is HERE

Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson sit down to discuss the decline of the fiat money system and how the death of the dollar is now on our doorstep. How will it all play out, and is there still time to prepare and protect yourself before it is too late? – Video Source

140 Years Of Monetary History In 10 Minutes

We received many comments from you on the blog thanking Mike for explaining the Seven Stages Of Empire so clearly, but there was definitely one segment of the episode that was a clear favorite and had viewers asking ‘Why wasn’t I taught that in school!’ – Source, Gold Silver